Anne-Marie Rakhorst is an entrepreneur, investor and publicist in the field of sustainability.

About Anne-Marie

'The challenge lies in identifying and seizing opportunities. Having a positive impact on the environment we live in.' To Anne-Marie, who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, this is the core of entrepreneurship.

Anne-Marie believes that doing business means grasping opportunities and taking social responsibility. After being awarded Businesswoman of the Year in 2000, she now actively shares her knowledge and enthusiasm with a broad audience. She is also an ambassador for various sustainable initiatives.

Anne-Marie is owner and initiator of the independent platform Duurzaamheid.nl. This platform brings companies, civil society organizations, experts, governments and individuals together, aiming at making the Netherlands more sustainable. Before that, Anne-Marie started up the successful company Search Ingenieursbureau.

Making a difference

As an entrepreneur, investor and publicist, Anne-Marie motivates people to move towards a sustainable economy and environment. 'I want to make a positive impact as much as possible. These times are incredibly fun and exciting. The challenge is to seize current opportunities. Entrepreneurs hold the key to a sustainable future.'

If you have a question for Anne-Marie please send a message to info@annemarierakhorst.nl.